The house is set in the back of the Saint Cyprien Bay which offers a beautiful beach, fringing a transparent, clear, blue sea. All sorts of water activities are available, as well as walks on the beach, on foot or horseback. A diving center is also located in the neighboring village.

The beach provides a natural environment or organized as desired, with natural and wild beaches or private beaches.

Festive bars and restaurants on the seaside and on the beach offer quality services. Within walking distance, right on the beach, is the renowned “Cabanon Bleu”, ideal for festive sunset pre-drinks or for a scenic dinner. Immediately north is the Pinarello Bay, south of the Cala Rossa estate.

Just south of Saint Cyprien is the city of Porto Vecchio, full of charm and life. It features a marina, leisure port, and a 16th-century citadel overlooking the old, elevated part of town. Especially busy during the summer with its restaurants and small shops, the old town offers an incredible view of the marina and its yachts.

South of Porto Vecchio is the most heavenly coastline of all Corsica. It includes the Cerbicales islands nature reserve, the breathtaking Palombaggia beach, the gulfs of Santa Giulia, Porto Novo (left untouched) and Santa Manza.

To the very south, you will be able to discover the unique and beautiful town of Bonifaccio, hidden gem located at the very end of a deep fjord, perched at the top of a steep limestone cliff. It is especially known for its lively marina and medieval clifftop citadel. The site offers countless activities, with its bustling port and narrow streets, small shops and boutiques, bars and restaurants. At the very top of the town, you will be taken aback by a stunning view of the uninhabited Lavezzi islands, another nature reserve, as well as the Maddalena and Sardinia islands.

During the summer, the parade of yachts in the marina is a spectacle all by itself.

Boat trips will enable you to visit all of the islands previously mentioned, as well as discovering the site from the sea perspective along with the Grotte du Sdragonato.

A pleasant walk by the seaside, along the cliff, will connect you to the Cape of Pertusato, the most southerly point of Corsica, famous for the magnificent view it offers across the sea surface. In good weather, you can even see the outline of the shore of the Sardinia island.

The neighboring beach of Piantarella is renowned for its sailboard and kite surfing environment.

You will be able to appreciate the splendor of the nature reserve of the Lavezzi islands, praised for its scuba diving scene.

Golfers will instantly fall in love with the exquisite site of the Spérone golf, overlooking the sea.

The equestrian center of the Villata is located directly within walking distance of the house and offers horseback rides in the wilderness or by the seaside.

Last but not least, water skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing, sailing, boat trips, and much more awaits!

The Cabanon Bleu, located in the Bay of Saint Cyprien, is symbolic of Corsica. With a treasure island ambience and the feel of a connoisseur, it is the perfect spot for a festive night out.

Night life aficionados will especially enjoy the famous Via Notte club in Porto Vecchio, known as “the biggest open-air club in Europe”.

The Alta Rocca, overlooking these shores, will entice you into hiking the mountains, offering all sorts of activities and opportunities for cooling down during a warm summer day.

The region is especially renowned for its immense forest of pine trees, chestnuts, holm oaks, or for its granitic nature with in highlight the amazing Massif de Bavella and its famous rocky spikes of red granite that dominate the hill at 1,600 meters.

Numerous typical villages of granite houses are hidden away in this magnificent scenery.

Countless hiking opportunities, on foot or on horseback, are available on the site thanks to its vast network of trails. The Gr 20 footpath crosses the entire island from north to south and runs along the spikes of Bavella. Along the way, you will be able to come across wonderful natural spring water waterfalls (Piscia Di Gallo) and swim in natural, conserved waters (rivière du Cavu).

For the thrill seekers, the site offers numerous outdoor activities such as canyoning or rock climbing (Xtrem Sud adventure park in the Ospedale forest).

Megalith artifacts aficionados will be pleased with one of the most important archeological sites of the island.

The Ranch Villata equestrian center, located right by the house, offers horseback riding activities, in the vast, untouched nature, or on the beach. Finally, the Gr 20 north-to-south trek is one of the most beautiful mountain trail in Europe.